Townhouse Garden

Woollahra, NSW


Entering through an iron gate and descending a flight of sandstone stairs, the garden is initially viewed from an elevated position. The look is both classic and relaxed, with great emphasis given to proportion and balance, reflecting the magnificent residence.

The client brief was to create a new focus on the garden, replacing an unused and outmoded lawn. Inspiration was drawn from 4 magnificent Japanese maples which line the entrance path. Two Manchurian pears planted in the centre create an axis, and a pair of Lilly Pilly cones stand sentinel either side to a bronze sculpture. A Clippedviburnum hedge behind provides layering and an existing Murraya hedge adds privacy. A curving sandstone path, interspersed with mini Mondo grass provides definition, while the larger leafed Mondo from the existing garden was replanted in a wavy curve accenting the line of the pathway. Dwarf Arum Lily, Iris, Salivia and Datura are the mainstay of the plantings and provide textural leaf contrast. The overall effect is eye catching from every angle.


"I have lost track of the number of years that Stephen Yates and I have worked together on our gardens. Throughout that period we have enjoyed a good working relationship. I admire his sensitivity to good garden design as well as his understanding of the client. Both our Whale Beach and Woollahra gardens show his ability in bringing garden elements together in his choice of plants and in the care and presentation of plants. I enjoy my garden on a daily basis and my enjoyment has been enhanced since he has been working on the garden. I take pride in the compliments we receive regarding its beauty. I thank him for his readiness to respond to our garden needs and I hope that we continue to enjoy a good gardening relationship!."

Anne - Woollahra, Sydney